Cross-Border Relocation

Armour Van Lines is a recognized leader in the area of cross-border relocation. Moving cross-border requires special expertise and experience. Our dedicated team of cross border moving specialist have the necessary resources to assist you in preparation for your move and gathering all necessary paperwork to ensure full compliance with all regulations.

Armour Van Lines representative will ensure that everything is prepared to avoid any delays at the border. Your Armour Van Lines cross border specialist will provide you with the necessary information and forms about crossing the border.

Household Goods – Required Documentation
To clear your household goods shipment through U.S. Customs, the mover will require copies of the following documentation:
For Returning US Residents:

  • Completed 3299 Customs Form

  •  Valid Passport

For Non-Residents:

  • Completed 3299 Customs Form

  •  Work or Study Visa and Letter of Offer of Employment (if applicable)

  •  Valid Passport

For Part-time Residents:

  • Completed 3299 Customs Form

  •  Proof of Property Ownership or Lease in US

  •  Valid Passport

Please Note: US Customs will verify this information when your moving truck arrives at the border, therefore it is very important to have all of your documents in order and checked. If there is any problem with your immigration status, US Customs may turn your shipment back. As a result, you will incur additional charges for border delays, the cost of returning your shipment to origin and storage until the matter is sorted out.

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